5 Tipps für eine stressfreie Periode im Urlaub

5 tips for a stress-free period on vacation

There's nothing more unpleasant than being out and about and getting your period. Whether on the beach or in the mountains with a backpack on your back. So that you feel safe and free even on vacation, here are 5 tips to help you get through your next period stress-free. Because with Gotyus period underwear you are always protected on the go - and it's very easy and sustainable.

The right wellness and nutrition tips ensure a good feeling in your stomach, even during your period. Because complaints can usually be easily alleviated with the right tricks. However, which methods work well is very individual. So try out our tips and see which ones work best for you.

1. Prepare a travel kit. 

There's nothing worse than having a long flight or endless car ride ahead of you and realizing you don't have any tampons or pads with you. And if you have it with you, you also have to change the tampon in an uninviting toilet at a rest stop. Or even worse: no toilet anywhere.

So prepare a small travel kit. Be sure to pack hand sanitizer. If necessary, you can change your period products without soap. Although soap and water are still best for ridding your hands of bacteria. Also pack wet wipes, painkillers, and heat patches for added comfort. If you want to completely avoid the hassle of changing tampons and pads, we recommend our Super Leakproof Gaia Slip . This can be worn for up to 12 hours and can be changed very easily as it has a clasp on the side. For more information you can read our article .

2. Track your period

There are numerous apps so that you always know when you get your period. These will help you determine the time and length of your next period. Apps like Flo help you keep track of your cycle. In these apps you can also log your symptoms and see whether your cycle is regular or whether your bleeding is too short or long. Additionally, you can see when your fertile days are and log your mood and physical symptoms every day.

3. Drink lots of water and eat healthy!

Even if it's often difficult on vacation: healthy eating is the be-all and end-all. Of course, you should also treat yourself to something on vacation: whether it's a delicious ice cream on a trip or a cocktail in the evening. As long as you find a good balance, all of these foods are allowed. However, try to limit your coffee and alcohol consumption as much as possible. Salt also increases the sensation of pain.

Instead, you should drink plenty of water and, above all, increase your calcium intake. This is mainly found in green vegetables, such as spinach. Calcium also helps reduce muscle cramps, which occur especially during menstruation. Abdominal pain can be alleviated in this way.

4. Herbal supplements

Sometimes certain nutritional supplements can also be helpful in relieving your period pain and making you feel fitter and more energetic overall. B vitamins, such as vitamin B1 and B12, are particularly important. Vitamin B1 helps prevent menstrual cramps. It reduces the intensity and duration of cramps as it acts on muscle contraction and the nervous system. Vitamin B12 supports the production of blood cells and increases your energy levels, which can relieve pain.

CBD (cannabidiol) oil can also relieve period pain. Hemp extract has been used for thousands of years to relieve numerous ailments. Among other things, abdominal pain, because CBD has a pain-relieving and also calming effect, as well as anxiolytics. This is why CBD oil is becoming increasingly popular, because for many women the herbal extract has a positive effect on their well-being.

5. Avoid stress and exertion

You're on vacation, so give yourself as much rest as possible! Enjoy that you don't have to do anything and protect your body as much as possible. Whether by the pool, beach or in a cute café. Many women often feel tired and listless, especially when they have heavy menstrual bleeding. This is normal because estrogen levels in your body decrease during your period. As a result, you have less energy and feel weak. As soon as your period is over, your estrogen level will rise again and you will feel fit again!

Try to relax your body and get as much sleep as possible. Because stress increases the feeling of pain enormously! Yoga, for example, is a good way to relax your body and get some exercise at the same time. This can relieve the pain. If the pain becomes too severe, take painkillers so you can rest.

With these tips, your next period will hopefully be less stressful and more relaxed. On our website you will find many other menstrual products so that you can enjoy your everyday life without any worries.

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