Welche Waschmittel eignen sich zum Waschen von Periodenunterwäsche?

Which detergents are suitable for washing period underwear?

The right soap for your period underwear

In order to protect the fibers and absorbency of your menstrual panties, in this article we will give you the most important tips on how to best care for your menstrual panties !

The right detergent for your period underwear is a detergent or soap that won't clog the absorbent part of your underwear. It is also a detergent that protects your sensitive skin.

The right soap to avoid damaging your period underwear

First important information: It is important to note not to use greasy soap. The fatty components clog the pores, which are there to absorb liquids. This will make your period underwear less absorbent. We recommend using a glycerin-free detergent to preserve the absorbent properties of your period panties.

Here is a list of suitable detergents:

  • Everdrop mild detergent
  • Spee mild detergent
  • Ecover
  • frog
  • Persil
  • Ariel
  • and more

If you want to learn how to make your own 100% healthy and environmentally friendly laundry detergent, I invite you to read our next article! 🌱😊

Which cleaning products should I avoid when washing my period panties?

Greasy soaps

Fat soaps that consist of curd soap, soft soap or Savon de Marseille. These ingredients contain glycerin - a greasy agent that will clog the pores of your period panties.

Detergent based on vegetable oil

We also do not recommend detergents made from coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil...

Fabric softeners and softeners

Using fabric softeners will damage your menstrual panties.

Soda crystals

Soda crystals are aggressive substances for you and your menstrual panties!

Step-by-step instructions: How do I wash my period underwear?

  1. After wearing your period underwear, wash it by hand with cold water until no more blood is visible.
  2. Wash in the washing machine, preferably with your other clothes, at 30-40°. You can also wash your period underwear entirely by hand. 🧼
  3. Last step: air dry, very important! As I said, too much heat reduces their absorbency, so you shouldn't iron your panties or put them in the dryer.

Good to know:

  • Today's detergents are very effective from 30 degrees.
  • The absorbent layer of period underwear doesn't tolerate heat very well ⏤ so you shouldn't wash it at more than 40 degrees!
  • Do not use fabric softener or bleach on your period underwear to avoid damaging the absorbent material.

📝 What are your best experiences with period underwear and their care?

Do you have a favorite soap for your washable period underwear? 🌸

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