5 Vorurteile über Periodenunterwäsche die komplett falsch sind!

5 misconceptions about period underwear that are completely wrong!

1. Period underwear is unhygienic

At first glance, some women assume that period underwear; that is worn throughout the day or night; is not hygienic. But thanks to the natural antimicrobial and antibacterial properties of the built-in protective layers, menstrual blood is trapped and bacteria growth is prevented, so you feel fresh and safe at all times.

Plus, our “Minerva” panty is made from bamboo fibers, which are naturally antibacterial.

Gotyu underwear is hygienic and safe. It does not cause any potentially dangerous infections. In addition, our multi-layer technology inhibits the growth of bacteria and germs. It is important that you wash your period underwear with cold water after each wear (e.g. in the shower or in the sink).

2. Period underwear doesn't hold much

We all have different bodies and different periods. We have different levels of bleeding - at Gotyu it is important to us to offer a safe and comfortable solution for all types of bleeding.

On average, a menstruating person loses around 30-50 ml of blood per cycle. Our “Athena” model can collect up to 25 ml of blood. This includes pretty much the blood of your entire cycle. “Athena” holds the same amount as 4 regular tampons. If you need more than 4 tampons on heavier days, you can use the period underwear to support tampons or a menstrual cup. You should avoid using tampons, especially at night, and with our underwear you have the perfect alternative!

3. She's complicated

Many people think that period underwear is a big hassle, but it's not like that. It's easy: wear it, wash it, machine wash it and wear it again.

After wearing the underwear, you should wash it in cold water and wash it the next time you machine wash it.

If you have a heavy period, are outside and don't have the opportunity to change your underwear, our Gaia is particularly suitable with its discreet side closures - or use yours as a backup to the tampon or cup. This way you will immediately feel more confident and won't have to worry if the tampon or menstrual cup is full and you don't get around to changing it straight away.

4. Cannot be washed with other clothes

As described above, wash the underwear you have worn with cold water after use. This means there is no more blood in the underwear. This means you can wash them normally with your other clothes - nothing will get discolored.

You can even wash your period underwear at 30 degrees, as most detergents are effective at 20 degrees!

5. Feels wet!

Some women worry that the underwear will feel wet and uncomfortable after a few hours. We can also take this prejudice away from you. The first layer in the underwear absorbs the liquid quickly - this means no moisture remains on the surface. So you can feel dry, safe and clean with period underwear.

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Also von trockenem Gefühl und Getuchslösigkeit kann nicht die Rede sein.
Schon nach 30 Minuten fühlt sich das Höschen nass an, vor allem wenn ich auf der Toilette war und sie wieder anzog.
Und es riecht auch recht stark nach Blut…
Habe von Anfang an alle Pflegehinweise beachtet. Bin recht enttäuscht.
Nutze sie nur weil sie einigermaßen dicht sind und ich mir nachts keine Gedanken machen muss.


Wenn keine Biozide benutzt werden, wie erlangt die Hose dann das beworbene: „ Zusätzlich hemmt Gotyu-Unterwäsche das Wachstum von Bakterien und Keimen“ – und hat „ antimikrobiellen und antibakteriellen Eigenschaften“


Hi, das ist eine super Idee und könnte mich angenehmer durch den Tag bringen. Danke dafür. Ich hätte da aber noch ein paar Fragen. Wie ist es mit den Gerüchen? Könnten Flecken an der Kleidung, wie Hose oder Rock, entstehen?

Lieben Gruß

Amal Denizer

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