Was ist eine abnehmbare Periodenunterwäsche und wie funktioniert sie?

What is removable period underwear and how does it work?


How do removable period panties work?

Removable menstrual panties look like traditional menstrual panties, but have an additional detail: there is a fastening system on each side of the panties.

The panties are closed with clips, like a conventional bra. This makes them even easier to change. Either you can put them on your feet as usual or, if you're not at home, you can hold them on your hips and clip them on both sides. Easy, right?

Why removable period panties?

Gotyu has produced Germany's first period underwear with closure! At Gotyu, we have created a removable menstrual panty that is inclusive, makes your period stress-free and is also suitable for heavy periods.

Our focus is on developing functional products that make the lives of menstruating people easier while being inclusive. It was important to us to create a new type of menstrual underwear that also includes people with disabilities.

Our period panties are also designed to make your life easier during your period. We realized that something was missing in the market. After evaluating over 1,000 feedback surveys, we have developed a new menstrual brief that enables a completely new way to deal with periods. Our period underwear offers reliable protection even during heavy periods. Our Leakproof Gaïa removable period panty is one of the most absorbent products currently on the market. This can absorb the blood from up to 5 tampons. The briefs are designed to be easy to change even on heavy days.

The benefits of Gotyu's removable menstrual briefs

1. A stress-free period even on the go

The Super Leakproof Gaïa removable menstrual briefs are for anyone who wants to change quickly and easily during their period.

Even though menstrual panties have been on the market for several years, we have found that the traditional model is not suitable for everyone or certain lifestyles.

2. Inclusivity

It is often forgotten that people with disabilities, and especially those with reduced mobility, have difficulty finding satisfactory protection during menstruation. Our removable menstrual briefs therefore also offer people with disabilities the opportunity to have their periods stress-free.

There are also many people who have very heavy periods. They cannot or do not want to wear their menstrual product for 12 hours at a time. You therefore have to change very regularly, which is not only restrictive but also tedious.

3. Made for heavy periods

Some have great difficulty changing their protection due to their profession. Often there is only a few minutes left to change. Sometimes the hygienic conditions can be poor or even worse, there is no access to a toilet at all. Wearing a tampon for too long is harmful to your health and not changing a pad is unhygienic as harmful bacteria can develop. All of these products need to be changed every 4 to 6 hours, while our menstrual briefs can be worn for up to 12 hours without risk.

4. Changed in just 2 seconds!

Thanks to the Gotyu Super Leakproof Gaïa menstrual briefs, changing is done in just a few easy steps! Our innovation allows everyone to change quickly and easily without taking off their shoes, pants or skirt. Can't every period panty be a removable panty please?

The Super Leakproof Gaia period briefs are extremely absorbent and practical. With the inconspicuous fasteners on both sides, you can change your underwear in no time.

Gotyu Menstrual Briefs with Closure: The best for your health and comfort

We are proud to present you these removable menstrual panties because they are not only practical but also comfortable. It is also perfectly adapted to your intimate area and sits where it should sit, guaranteed to prevent leaks.

High quality fabrics

We chose an outer material made of OEKO-TEX cotton. This is certified free of harmful chemicals and offers a natural, very soft and anti-allergic material. The incorporated bamboo material offers additional protection. Bamboo is a very fast-growing grass that only needs to be harvested once a year. This does not need to be watered or fertilized, so by choosing bamboo we save a lot of water. Bamboo also has an antimicrobial effect.

The bamboo fiber protection and waterproof base are so thin that you can wear these briefs under any outfit. Nevertheless, it is effective because our briefs last up to 12 hours (depending on menstruation). And all without leaking, feeling or smelling wet!

Our briefs are also free of harmful substances that could endanger your health. And to ensure the safety of high quality fabrics and precise manufacturing, we have manufactured our removable menstrual briefs in our own French workshop.

A design for everyone

We designed our removable briefs with just one thing in mind: STRESS-FREE PERIOD!

We've thought of everything to make sure your menstrual panties are both comfortable to wear and fashionable. Our model is cut so that it adapts perfectly to your individual body. It offers enough broad coverage to keep you well protected and looks modern and trendy at the same time. The seams and elastic bands have been processed so that they are comfortable and do not pinch.

Which size should I choose? We advise you to order a larger size. You can find our size chart on our product page.

What are you waiting for? Find the right Gotyu period underwear and say goodbye to stressful periods! Get a €10 discount when you sign up for our newsletter.

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